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November 15, 2017
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Sawyer Camp Trail is a popular trail and recreation path located in San Andreas Fault rift valley in San Mateo County, California. The trail is about 6 miles long and it has its stretch from the shores of the Crystal Springs Reservoir to San Andreas Lake. Reports have it that approximately 300,000 people use “The Sawyer Camp Trail” every year and upon visiting this trail, you would encounter cyclists, joggers, rollerbladers, and parents with strollers. While the Sawyer Camp Trail provides a great outdoor experience for bikers and hikers, it is especially fun for parents with children, as experienced hikers may prefer other dirt trails.


The Sawyer Camp Trail is the perfect location to ride a bicycle or go for a stroll. As a result of the paved and generally flat southern 3 miles, kids and beginners enjoy the experience at the Sawyer Camp Trail especially as it charts through the edge of the beautiful Crystal Springs Lake and then along the woods. There are distant markers every half mile, making it easy for you to track your progress as you explore Sawyer Camp Trail.

How do you access the Sawyer Camp Trail?

It is important for those using cars to remember that the direct access from the Bunker Hill exit has been blocked off from the trailhead due to the reconstruction of the Crystal Springs dam. Hence, the best route to take from the Bunker Hill is to drive through the Black Mountain/Hayne road, exit towards the Crystal Springs Golf Course before heading south towards the Sawyer Camp Trail entrance. You can also access the north end of the Sawyer Camp Trail by taking the west end of Hillcrest Blvd exit off the Hwy 280 in Millbrae. Google maps would prove helpful here so you can find the details needed to access the Andreas trail area to the north.

Riding down east from the Sawyer Camp trailhead is always a pleasant experience. Bikers could ride under the Hwy 280 Bridge, head south on Polhemus road, and ride through Crystal Springs over Hwy 92. Once you ride past Hwy 92, you would find Ralston Ave Bike Trail on the west side, which will take you to a bike bridge over Hwy 280 and down to Canada Road. From Canada Road, it is a nice bike ride, as you will have escaped a lot of traffic as you head down the trail with a memorable outdoor experience on the Peninsula.


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